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One down four up is the shift pattern commonly used on motorcycles of the 70's, 1 N 2 3 4 5. It's usually one of the first lessons learned in riding and captures the pure thrill of riding a motorcycle from the first ride on.



One Down Four Up produces small batch apparel and goods inspired by and for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts. We also do motorcycle upholstery, repairs, and complete custom builds.


Can we build you a motorcycle?

The simple answer is, "Yes." Although we are very selective about what types of bikes we build, we do build bikes for clients. If you're interested in a custom vintage motorcycle CONTACT US for more information about the process.

who does our upholstery?

We do! If you are looking to have a seat made CONTACT US for more information and rates.


do we ship internationally?

Of course! Most international orders can be placed directly through our website but if you are having any issues or would like a quote on shipping prior to placing an order please CONTACT US and we'll help you complete your order.

what motorcycle should i buy?

First off, where are you going to ride it? Trail riding, racing, motocross, cross-country trips, cruising around town? Secondly, how much is your budget? Will you be paying cash or need to make payments? Lastly, how much time do you want to spend working on your motorcycle versus riding your motorcycle? Figure those out and you'll know what bike to buy.